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Monday, 27 July 2009

Lydia's New Polas


THE EYE - Model of the Month - June 2009

It was an embarrassment of riches this month with us jetting off to Milan for the menswear shows. Whilst everyone assumed we had a wild time inm the Italian fashion capital, the truth is we spent almost all of our time in either cabs or modelling agencies. Thank god for this month's Models of the Month - The Boys of Red!!!

On our one night out these reprobates led us completely astray. Drunkenly traipsing the back streets of Milan @ 5am we had a whale of a time. We particularly loved the club that charged us to get OUT!!!


We salute you. Roll on NYFW!!!

P.S - Grayson moved to DNA last week :-( but he still counts.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Lily's Got The Eye!!!

Casting director extraordinaire Tree Petts called me with the brief for the new Lily Allen brief before any other agency in town, because she new The Eye had just the right girls for the job. Which is why in the finished product 12 out of the 18 girls cast are mine!!!

A big shout out to The Eye girls Emma D, Suki, Emily S, Jael, Alexandra, Gabi, Lisa S, Maria S, Katharina, Laura J, Annette and especially Naomi whose drunken shame is my favourite bit