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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The CONTRAversial Ms Mohamed

When my good friend Trung asked me to suggest a model who could best represent multicultural London in the latest edition of his uber cool Contra Mag, I immediately thought of the divine Rahma.

Got Alisa in to take a gorgeous pic and you can read all about it here!!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Eye Love Ponies............

And it seems like ponies love The Eye as well. When Ponystep were looking for some coverstars for their new CD collaboration with Kitsume they turned to us provide them with the coolest kids in London.

Annaliese @ Union
Matt Law

Now I'm just looking forward to the launch party, but in the meantime we're off to Paris for the menswear shows and will of course be attending the Ponystep party whilst we're there.

P.S - I'm really sorry for the terrible title to this post. It was late and I was tired but more importantly I'd just come across this fabulous advert!!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Rahma's Got The Eye!!!

I've been holding off on this one just because there was all kinds of contract disputes and New York agency conflamas and I didn't want to jinx anything, but it finally seems to be getting sorted and, at last, it gives me great pleasure to say..............


This fact makes me.

She came to me at the end of last year to say that it was really about time that she moved agencies. I'd been thinking the exact same thing for some time, so was somewhat relieved that she'd come to the same conclusion. We went to see Models 1 who snapped her up straight away and I signed her to WM so that she now has proper representation in Paris.

She'll ne back off to New York next month.

Four years ago when I met Rahma, the very first words out of my mouth were "You're AMAZING!!!".

Some things never change.

Big Brother is Watching Joseph (And So Are We!!!)

As if we need any more reasons to watch the last ever Big Brother, now we get to ogle to lovely Joseph every ad break as well.

Look how hot he looks just staring in the mirror!!!

Or checking his hair!!!

Or wearing glasses!!!

Look he can rock a feather boa!!!

And he even looks hot in drag!!!

Or in a shower cap!!!

Isn't he lovely??? I hear he was miming to Cher in the last clip. A boy after my own heart.

If only they hadn't kicked out Rachael this year's BB would be perfect.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again!!!

The Eye boys are off to the Menswear Shows....................

James is @ Future in Milan and Major in Paris

Linus is @ Angels & Demons in Paris

Eddie is @ Fashion in Milan and MGM in Paris.

Matt is @ Future in Milan.

We were going to go the Milan this season as we haven't been for a year, but have a very important wedding to attend next weekend, so Paris it is once again. We have more agencies to visit anyway + Patsy owes us drinks and most importantly Sarah is coming so we are bound to go on a bender!!!