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Monday, 9 February 2009

Susie Back!!!

Jody called me at the end of last week and left a message saying I should call him back 'urgently'. He said that something 'really important' had happened!!!!

I thought that maybe our bank had collapsed or Nadine had left Girls Aloud, you know something really significant but it turned out to be even more exciting.....................


Does it get any better than that???

For those of you that don't know Susie is a legendary British supermodel and Westwood muse. I met her once many years ago at Billion Dollar Babes and she taught me how to do her trademark catwalk lean. She owned a basset dog called Hoover. She married Nick Cave. She's AMAZING!!!

I really want her for a shoot with Rankin last year but couldn't find her anywhere. Now I know I'm going to try and find something spectacular for her. She amongst my 5 favourite Supermodels of all time.

Maybe I'll let you know my All Time Top 20 soon, when I've got about 3 days free to make up my mind.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Clara's back and Independent have got her!!!
The sublime Miss Clara Benjamin is back in London after 8 years supermodelling in New York. Not only is she as flawless as ever but she one of my best friends so I'm particularly pleased to hear she's chosen Independent to rep her.
Such a great fit.
She's gonna be EVERYWHERE!!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

THE EYE - Model of the Month - January 2009

Welcome to The Eye's inaugural 'Model of the Month' Award!!!!

In order to win you have to have made a personal impression on someone at the office during the preceding month. Maybe you wowed us at a Go See, impressed at casting or were AMAZING when we booked you on a job.

Our very first recipient is the fabulous Willl Lewis @ M&P.

Most models drop by for 5 minutes then thankfully go away again, Will stayed for about three quarters of an hour and we would have happily had him longer. He ROCKS!!!

He's in London for the next few months so book him now.

Also like to give a big shout out to Charlie's Men's Board which is looking better and better every week. Particularly loving Sindre and Tom Travis.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


The AMAZING Rahma has up and gone and left us for New York. AT LAST!!!

She'll be coming back for LFW but apart from that I've already told her I don't want to see her this side of the Atlantic again, unless it's for a Vogue cover or a Gucci exclusive.

Luckily we'll be going over for NYFW next week so we can witness her making us proud once again.