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Monday, 9 February 2009

Susie Back!!!

Jody called me at the end of last week and left a message saying I should call him back 'urgently'. He said that something 'really important' had happened!!!!

I thought that maybe our bank had collapsed or Nadine had left Girls Aloud, you know something really significant but it turned out to be even more exciting.....................


Does it get any better than that???

For those of you that don't know Susie is a legendary British supermodel and Westwood muse. I met her once many years ago at Billion Dollar Babes and she taught me how to do her trademark catwalk lean. She owned a basset dog called Hoover. She married Nick Cave. She's AMAZING!!!

I really want her for a shoot with Rankin last year but couldn't find her anywhere. Now I know I'm going to try and find something spectacular for her. She amongst my 5 favourite Supermodels of all time.

Maybe I'll let you know my All Time Top 20 soon, when I've got about 3 days free to make up my mind.

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