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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Andre's Got 'The Eye'!!!

"OMG!!! you're AMAZING!!!" were my opening words to the fabulous Mr Andre Feulner when I drunkenly accosted him on the dancefloor of Ponystep.

He was leaving the country the next morning but promised he'd be back in a few weeks. I was a trifle worried that I may have had my ' beer goggles' on and when he returned he'd be a munter, but obviously I've got 'The Eye', cos when he came through my door last week he was still the devastatingly handsome boy that I'd remembered.

See for yourself..............

Landed on Tuesday. Saw me on Wednesday. Shot with Kurtis on Thursday. Signed on Friday.

But beware ladies and gentleman scouting whilst drunk very seldom turns out this well.

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